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Burn Permit Application

This permit application is for property owners in the Hoskins-Kings Valley Rural Fire Protection District.  


 Open Burn Permits are currently not allowed.  They are restricted to:

  • Spring: March 1st- June 15th
  • Fall: October 15th- December 15th

By Initialing the Form Below:

I certify that my contact information is accurate. I certify that I will only be burning materials as defined on the website in accordance with the type of permit I am applying for. I certify that I will maintain the fire as outlined on the website including the size of the fire, having an adult present at all times, and water and/or sand and shovel within easy access. If recreational burning, I will make sure the fire is completely extinguished when done. If back-yard burning, I certify that I have checked with the DEQ Burn Advisory for clearance prior to ignition of the fire (permissible burn day) and that the fire will be completely extinguished when done (no later than the DEQ burning allowance time). I understand that this permit may be cancelled, suspended, or declined in the case of burning restrictions in my area (I will be notified). I promise to reapply should the circumstances change (*including re-applying each year if on-going). Please place your initials here to certify and acknowledge compliance (required)


There was a problem saving your submission. Please try again later.
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Thank you, your submission has been received.

Upon submitting this application, the Hoskins-Kings Valley personnel will be notified of your intended burn. No outreach will be made to you unless the personnel have concerns with or questions about your planned burning event. Thank you for submitting your Burn Permit. 

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